Friday, November 06, 2015


First day at th floating lodge on Rio Marie here in BFE Brazil. I've been off the grid before, but this maybe the most "out there" that I have ever been. 
Yesterday was a 2.5 hour flight out of Manaus and then a 6 hour boat ride from a small military landing strip in the jungle. We arrived yesterday, right around dark. The best part of yesterday was getting my luggage from AA at 3 am in Manaus.
So, today was day one of fishing and my take is that it was a slower day than most. We probably had 15 fish in the boat, more than 10 and less than 20 to be more precise. The only disappointing part was that we didn't see any big fish, all that we got and saw were in the 3-6 pound range. Still, it was blast throwing ginormous hairy bugs and poppers all day.
Best part of the day was that I got the chance to spend it fishing for Bass with my dad, like the good old days before I was a typical teenage crackhead. Things have changed for sure, including the species of Bass, but the joy of being on the water with my dad and me being a crackhead will probably always be there. 
Form a fishing standpoint, it's a shitload of casting as far as you can and stripping pretty quickly. We are using 60 lbs tipper leader and heavy rods, so you can really horse them in which is important because of all the brush and snags. I like the popper best, explosive eats!

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