Friday, November 06, 2015


I awoke this morning with soreness in both of my shoulders like never before. Actually had to do some stretching. Even though I think I fish a lot, I don't fish like this very often. Giant flies, big rods and cast after cast as far as it will go.
After the soreness lossened up, off we headed up the Rio Marie for day two. Fish here and there throughout the day with a couple of hot spots that were fast and furious. These fish are amazing on the poppers. Don't know how many we landed today, nothing crazy, but very good action at times. 
My dad got a couple nice fish that were 10 and 12 pounds, my largest east just a hair over 8. 
One of the creek mouths was loaded with the Species that they cal Paca. We managed to pull three out of there and lost 4 in the trees. The place was just full of drowned timber, amazing we managed to get any of them out, the beauty of 60 pound.
This is an amazing place in terms of the pristine rain forest. Though you don't see a lot of wildlife, we did spot a monkey today. First monkey in the wild sighting for me.
Sounds like we may be doing some serious off the grid shit tomorrow that involves a long run upriver, maybe all day without fishing, to camp in a crappy tent and eat rice for the night. The reason is to fish some water that hasn't been fished this year. Could end up being very much a TSA for the ages as its raining, I have no idea which direction is north and I am yet to have any stomach related illness this trip. You know it's a bad idea when even my dad agrees it's not a good idea but is willing to give it a go.

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