Friday, December 11, 2015


I did get up to the Missouri on Wednesday and Thursday to do some duck hunting. Wednesday was warm and windy, so we spent most of the morning driving around trying to decide whether putting the boat in or not would be most prudent. We opted for putting it in for a drama free afternoon. Wind was nuking and birds weren't flying, had one pair come in and my buddy whacked it. Mostly spent the day shooting the shit about life and fishing. Cool front came in Wednesday night and the wind settled, ducks flew high and cautiously, nada.
The more interesting part of the trip was the windshield time going and coming. Going was in the dark and full of paranoia over hitting a deer, which I did not. Coming home found me headlong into a blizzard between Craig and Helena. Crazy roads with 18-wheelers sliding around the pass and 30' of visibility.
A cold, windy day in December definitely gave Craig a different look and feel than the third weekend in May does.

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