Saturday, December 19, 2015


Another week of my life that I'll never get back. Highlight of the week was watching my little guy's Christmas pageant, he had a little solo to kick off the performance and it pretty much broke me down with pride. Next on the list would be going out to dinner with the core staff of Fins & Feathers on Tuesday night, pretty proud of that group too. Not much in terms of fishing or fishing thoughts these days, other than the fact that I would like to be doing some fishing right now.
The long dark nights of winter in Montana can definitely wear me down pretty quickly…looking forward to the shorter nights ahead and getting through the Holiday season. The only good thing about the Holidays, in my mind, is that they give reason to pause and reflect on the year that has gone by. Problem now is that they all go by so fast that it's getting hard to remember which was this year which was that.
Looking ahead though. The family and I are going to Ohio tomorrow for Christmas with my wife's family. I haven't been back there in several years, so I'm actually looking forward to seeing everyone. I'll take a camera, hopefully sneak away with little dude to see Star Wars, eat a lot of cookies, and watch some crappy football games.
That means that I have to do some Christmas shopping today...

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