Thursday, February 11, 2016


I have been sick with the ol' flu bug since super bowl Sunday and totally out of action. Back in the shop today though and feeling right with the world once again. Side effect of this process is that I am now totally off nicotine and nicotine suppressants. I am free…the last few days.
But, a backlog of duties has me feeling a little overwhelmed as I have a lot of things to get together before we start rocking along in the shop. The weather outside is nice and the buzz about fishing is making its' way around, seems like people are getting the fever a little more everyday.
Honestly though, I'm heading to Louisiana in a few days for Redfish and I really just don't give a shit about what gets done and what doesn't get done in the next two days. I hope that the wind lies low and that the sun shines mores than one more purchase order gets built in the next two days.

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