Saturday, August 20, 2016

A different kind of day

Absolute Bizzaro-world days that we are living was what came to mind yesterday as my fellows guides and outfitters all pulled -up anchor and headed for the boat ramps on the Yellowstone mid-morning. We all received the email press release for FWP stating that the river was closed to all use effective immediately. Didn't make much sense to me as we were all already on the water hours prior to being notified. Regardless, I made some calls and was told to fish it on out, so we kept plugging away on an empty river for a couple extra hours. Ended up mattering as we put some more trout in the net and made a good day out of an odd situation.
I really want to say good job to FWP for at least trying to proactively getting out in front of this fish kill that is going on right now over on the Yellowstone. I am sure they are going to take some heat over closing the river to all use, so I'll give them props for making a tough decision and putting the resource ahead of everything else.
Hopefully, cooler water arrives later this week and we start to see these fish coming back around. Currently, whitefish are the vast majority of the dead and dying fish. Seems like uncharted waters, so I am hoping for the best, as is everyone else too.

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