Thursday, August 18, 2016

Upper What

Yesterday on the upper with some guys that I started guiding 14 years ago. We talked about how different the days up there were then versus now. Fished lots of Yuk Bugs, little PT's, hoppers and trades. Things were pretty simple, find the water, get the files in there, get some fish. Just needed to be able to see in the glare and avoid getting snagged constantly, good weather always helped too. You could stop and fish the Varney corners late afternoon and expect to get a few big fish everyday. It's all possible today too, you just never know if it's going to work or not! We had lights out fishing yesterday morning for about an hour on little nymphs (drowned spinners to be exact), but that died and it became a here and there kind of day. Posted up on rocks, whitey, whitey, whitey, trout, whitey, whitey. A few fish eating ants late morning and we got one 20" fish on a hopper. So, a good day in the end, but painful getting there.

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