Sunday, November 13, 2016


Headed to Powell, Wyoming late Thursday as part of the "due diligence tour" of collegiate options for my oldest kid. I don't know that he really has an interest in going to any college, but we are giving him some options nevertheless. Powell was not overwhelmingly impressive.
I awoke Friday morning feeling like I slept wrong with a pain in my lower back. Spent the day hoping that would go away, was even in the car twice to go to the ER. Ended up going in yesterday morning for a CT scan and the discovery of several kidney stones with one just starting to make it's way from the kindness, downstream. I don't think that it has moved much, but I have had the joy of spending the last two days in borderline pain, waiting for the real game start.
Lots to get done the next couple of weeks around the shop, so I hope that this is a minor thing. I wouldn't mind getting out and shooting some birds later in the week as I just picked up the Mini-G from the trainer after a couple weeks of bird dog work. Honestly, he is cuter than hell at only 35 pounds of Golden Retriever but I don't think he is big enough to even retrieve a Pheasant...hope to find out.

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